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Welcome to Gyaan Ka Saagar (an Ocean of Knowledge), as we take you on a spiritual and religious journey in the understanding of Hindu Scriptures in modern society as shared by Pandit Bhisham "Jito" Misir. We are committed to Provide Faith Based Devotional Services.

Gyaan Ka Saagar, Inc, is a non-for profit organization based in Rahway, NJ. The specific purpose of this corporation is to provide faith based devotional services, promote religious and cultural knowledge, pursue avenues for spiritual growth, and provide educational and charitable services for enhancement of our community at large.

We are also please to present the video series called Bhakti Bhojan whcih focuses on teaching how to prepare many of the traditional food items used for religious services.

Video Podcast

What kind of child are you? 

Dasaratha sits and listens to the wonderful remarks made about his son Shri Raam. We are all children to our parents and we too must perform such righteous actions that will make our parents proud. What kind of child are you?

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New Videos

Bhakti Bhojan, Gyaan Ka Saagar's Cooking Program, with host Indra Laloo is proud to feature 4 new cooking videos:

Sangeet Yaatrah ~ A Muscial Journey

In its continuous strive to enhance our community, Gyaan Ka Saagar is proud to announce a new segment entitled, Sangeet Yatraah ~ a musical journey.

This segment is dedicated to education in the musical arts, by providing video tutorials on how to play indian instruments. With our volunteer instructor, Chandica "Kevin" Phagoo on Harmonium and Richard Mohabeer on Dholak, feel free to explore these videos.