Shiva Bhagvan is depicted as a devata in constant meditation. Shiva Bhagvan is normally dark in complexion with his throat being the darkest. Usually clothed with a tiger skin wrapped around his waist, snakes around his neck, arms and legs, his hair is tied up into a high jhata with Ganga Devi flowing from his hair. He is noted by his trishul (trident), damru (drum), and Nandi, his faithful cow. Shiva Bhagvan known as Mahesh is part of the Hindu Holy Trinity along with Vishnu Bhagvan and Bramha Bhagvan.

Shiva Bhagvan is known as the destroyer of evil and the neutralizer of life. He is often sought out to rid oneself of evil. His constant state of meditation encourages mankind to seek the same inner peace. He is also referred to as Mahadeva, the Great God, the deity which others deities pray to.