Vishnu Bhagvan is depicted as a handsome, dark skinned man with a well built physique, with four hands. Each of his hands holds a Chakra (discus), named “Sudarshana”; Sankh (conch shell), named “Panchabhoota”; Gada (mace), named “Kaumodaki”; and Padma (lotus flower). He is identified as sitting, standing or laying on Shesh Nag (the King of Serpents). He can be also be found sitting on Garudji (His chosen vehicle). Vishnu Bhagvan is part of the Hindu Holy Trinity, Bramha, Vishnu, and Mahesh and is his consort is Laskmi Devi.

Vishnu Bhagvan is the deity of life sustenance or the protector of creation. Over the time of Hindu Scriptures Vishnu Bhagvan has taken multiple forms to protect, teach and save the creations of God. His incarnations/avatars are listed as follows:

1: Matsya – The Fish
2: Kurma – The Tortoise
3: Varaha – The Boar
4: Narsimha – Half Man – Half Lion
5: Vamana – The Dwarf Brahmin
6: Parashuram – The Warrior Sage
7: Rama – The Ideal Man
8: Krishna – The Uplifter of Dharma (Righteousness)
9: Buddha – The Thinker
10: Kalki – The Destroyer of Evil (This avatar is yet to come)